Upcycled Computer Chairs

In the process of upcycling the Craft room/homework room for my girls and I.  One thing I dislike about computer chairs is how itchy they are.  I don’t know if it is just me but I don’t like it.  We have had these for a little while and I finally decided to upcycle the computer chairs for the girls.  I found this really cute print in the outdoor fabric area.

upcycled computer chairs

The first one was fairly easy.  There are a few screws to take off the backing and it comes apart.  This one had plastic to cover the back and underneath part of the computer chair.  I used a staple gun t upholster the fabric.

before1 copy after1

This second chair I had to use almost a full yard because there was no plastic covering underneath or in the back.  I had a really hard time trying to take off the back of the chair.  In the end I had to make it like a slip cover and hand sewed the bottom part of the back rest.  I still came out beautiful.

before2 after2 DSC_0006 copy DSC_0016 copy DSC_0021 copy

Upcycle Floral pants

I found these floral pants at my local thrift store.  They were a little to big for me but I loved the pattern.  The pants cost me just $2 and about an hour of my day.

upcycle floral pants

I used a pair of pants that I wear as my pattern and added extra for seam allowance.

upcycle floral pants

The pants had a side zipper and a small section of elastic on each side of the waistband.  I liked the elastic so I moved my pattern over so I could keep that part as well as the pockets that were there too.  This made it so I didn’t have to sew a zipper on.

upcycle floral pants

The pants didn’t have belt loops so I made some using some leftover fabric.  I made the belt loops about 1″ x 3″.  And I fold them under about 1/2″ to sew them to the pants leaving the belt loops about 1/2″x 2″.

upcycle floral pants upcycle floral pantsupcycle floral pants

Upcycle Tank Top to Fringe Swimsuit Cover up

I saw in a Victoria Secret’s magazine a simple tank cover up for bathing suits.  I headed over to my local thrift shop in search of a long tank top to turn into the cover up.

All I did was measure how high to take the fringe and then cut about ½” strips up to that line all around the bottom.  It took about 5 minutes to do it and cost $1 compared to $40.

fringe swimsuit cover up fringe swimsuit cover up fringe swimsuit cover up

Upcycled Picture Frames

I wanted to update some of my pictures/frames that I had around the house.  When I got the box of them, I found that water somehow got into the box and the pictures and backing were now ruined.  I had to throw the everything away except the the glass and the frame was still good.  Well, the picture was stuck to the glass so I had to clean it really good to get it all off.

upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames

upcycled picture frames

So some reason I forgot to take pictures of the painting process of the frames but it was simple.  I used Black spray paint that I got for .99¢ at Lowe’s.

Make sure to spray it in a well ventilated area and put newspaper or something down to protect the flooring and sides.  I put up a wood piece against the fence and paper down on the floor.  It made it easier to get the sides and corners.  Spray as directed on can.

upcycled picture frames

I had this already laying around the house but you can get them at the Dollar store.

upcycled picture frames

Note* This is a ½” on each side of the picture.

upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames

This character was done in Santa Cruz Boardwalk in 2010.  It took this long for me to frame it.

upcycled picture frames

I was at the thrift store and it was half off on red tags.  I went to the picture section and found a few pictures.  So I got some for a good deal.

I sprayed this just like the first picture frame.

upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames

As you can tell, this was an anniversary photo last year in Santa Cruz Boardwalk too.  These Photos make me laugh every time I look at them.  My other daughter’s character came in the frame already but I might change it out so it is a little bigger to go with the other two.

upcycled picture frames

Which way do you like? InteriorsPL has great gallery ideas.

upcycled picture frames

KCWC Day 7: Upcycle Dino Twist Tank

kcw day 7 kcw day 7It’s is the last day of the kids clothes week challenge until next season. So this last one is a Dinosaur tank top with a twisted back.   Just in time too, the temperature hit 90° and climbing to 100° within the week. The shorts are the first pair of short my younger daughter made all by herself yesterday and today. So proud of her. She’s a sewing machine right now. Tutorial will come later.