Origami Purse

I saw a tutorial on how to make an Origami Raglan Sleeves at Straightgrain.  I loved the idea and got inspired to make a purse. I used an old t-shirt for the material.  I made it for my daughter but I got to … Continue reading

How to make a Pillow Form

Making your own pillow is fairly easy.  All you need to do is decide how small or big you want your pillow to be.  I like to use muslin cloth as my cover (just 2 pieces of the size dimensions of your choice), and a poly fill stuffing.

howtomakeyourownpillowformsteps copy

Sew all sides leaving enough of an opening to fill the pillow.  If possible serger the edges or zigzag so the material doesn’t fray when you need to wash it.  Then sew the opening closed.


Rose Ruffle Bag Tutorial

Upcycle T-shirt into a handbag Fun fact I used every single piece of fabric there was from this T-shirt.  The collar was used to make a bandanna for my dog.   I learned how to make the roses from Tea Rose Home.

Men’s Tie Tutorial

men's tie It was my daughter’s “Father Daughter Dance”.  My husband wanted a tie to go with her dress.  Her dress was a unique purple/pink to it so it was hard to find a matching color but we found one kind of close to it.  It had some Black velvet flower design that my husband didn’t like.  He wanted me to sew it with the floral as the wrong side.  This made it fun for ironing out.men's tie men's tie

Sew but leave a 3″ opening so you can turn it out.

men's tie men's tie

Try to sew close to edge so you can turn it out easy.  I didn’t and I had the hardest time turning it out.

men's tieThis ribbon is where the big part of the tie is at so the little side goes in it to stay in place.  Make sure you do not sew all the way through to the other side.  Sew only to the lining.  Put your finger in the tie to help.  When done do a small hand stitch on both ends where the sew seam stop.  This helps by putting less strain on seam.

men's tie