Circle Skirt

I got this fabric for my birthday and I thought of Fireworks and 4th of July.  I wanted to make a skirt out of it but I wasn’t sure what kind of skirt I wanted to make.  When I came across Made Circle skirt tutorial I thought that is perfect!  She shows how to make it for kids and adults.

Firework Circle Skirt Firework Circle Skirt Firework Circle Skirt Firework Circle Skirt Firework Circle Skirt Firework Circle Skirt Firework Circle Skirt


Men’s Tie Tutorial

men's tie It was my daughter’s “Father Daughter Dance”.  My husband wanted a tie to go with her dress.  Her dress was a unique purple/pink to it so it was hard to find a matching color but we found one kind of close to it.  It had some Black velvet flower design that my husband didn’t like.  He wanted me to sew it with the floral as the wrong side.  This made it fun for ironing's tie men's tie

Sew but leave a 3″ opening so you can turn it out.

men's tie men's tie

Try to sew close to edge so you can turn it out easy.  I didn’t and I had the hardest time turning it out.

men's tieThis ribbon is where the big part of the tie is at so the little side goes in it to stay in place.  Make sure you do not sew all the way through to the other side.  Sew only to the lining.  Put your finger in the tie to help.  When done do a small hand stitch on both ends where the sew seam stop.  This helps by putting less strain on seam.

men's tie

Strapless Maxi Dress

SAMSUNGI am loving this maxi dress print! This was a simply dress to make. A total of 3 pieces: front, back and ruffle.  The bottom of the dress as 2 slits one on each side that goes up to the knee.  The day after I finished this and wore it out for some errands I got compliments on it.

How to get the dress?  I just used a long flowing dress I already had for the pattern bottom part and figured out where I wanted the top for finish at.  I cut 2 pieces (a front and a back piece).


I decided I wanted to add a ruffle.   To get the measurement, I measured my bust X ½ because I just wanted a little ruffle not a lot more. The length was 5″.  I put elastic at the waist and the top of the dress.

It was fairly easy to make.  I think the longest part was taping the paper together for the pattern and I also got my hem stuck in the sewing machine and had a hard time getting it out.  Luckily nothing got ruined.


Lace Up Back Tank Top

My daughter designed this and asked me to make it for her.  Since the making of this shirt she has made a matching skirt. This was fairly easy to make.  Ironing is the key for the edging. What is needed: fabric … Continue reading

Short to long skirt

My daughter and I were shopping at our local fabric store when she came across this fabric and loved it.  She asked if I could make her a skirt out of it.  It was priced at $11 a yard but … Continue reading