kcwc Day 2: Upcycled Button down shirt into dress

I am following another sewing blog. She has some cute things to bad my kids won’t let me make them things like that anymore. But she is doing the kcw challenge which is short for kids clothes week. It started yesterday so I am joining in on the fun.  I will post tutorial later.

button up dress button up dress button up dress

Pesky Corners!

Ever sew something right sides together and then when you turn it out.  Example: sewing a strap. You see those pesky corners don’t look nice.  You push and push trying to get the point and still nothing.

Tip: after sewing the seam get your scissors and cut the corner and the sides a little.  Don’t go past where the seam is at. Then turn it out and use a needle to pull the corner to a nice point.

pesky corners