Disney Snow White Princess Costume

Kids Week Clothes Challenge: Disney Snow White Princess Costume day 7.  Yay it is finally finished!  Because I used a pre-made pattern I followed the directions to a T.  Because I as making this for a certain little girl I … Continue reading

How to organize your videos: Make a Movie Library Tutorial

I don’t know about your house but our house displays all the videos we have out in the open.   This can be an eye sore especially if  they don’t get put away.  My family has nicknamed me Monica from … Continue reading

Upcycled Dress

My daughter had a Father daughter dance on Friday.  The theme was Miss America.  We went to the fabric store to estimate how much it would cost to make her one from a pattern I had ($60-$80 was the pricing).  Not to bad, but … Continue reading

Lace Up Back Tank Top

My daughter designed this and asked me to make it for her.  Since the making of this shirt she has made a matching skirt. This was fairly easy to make.  Ironing is the key for the edging. What is needed: fabric … Continue reading