Tinkerbell Pixie Hollow Mural

I decided to paint the Pixie Hollow tree from Tinkerbell in my daughter’s bedroom. I got a photo from the Disney fairies website gallery and printed it out(you might see the print out in one of the photos. What I used: Variety sizes … Continue reading

KCWC Day 6: Teaching daughter to sew

My daughter has a sewing machine that she got from her aunt a few years back.  Lately it hasn’t been working well for her.  I happen to go to my local fabric store and they had a sale on sewing machines.  I decided to surprised my girls with it all set up and ready to use after school.  When I got home from work she requested that I teach her to sew the shorts that I was going to make her today. So today I made a pattern for her, and helped to trace the pattern onto her fabric and sew it together on her new sewing machine.  She was so excited she was tell her sister that she wanted to make her something.  She also said “Mom why aren’t you an artist?” he-he  gotta love looking through kids eyes.

sewing machinepractice shorts cutting fabric

D.I.Y Strapless Romper Cover Up

It’s getting warmer where I live.  That means sun and swimming.  I like to wear a lot of easy “throw on” clothes in the summer.  I came across a Victoria Secrets magazine and started to look through it.  There was … Continue reading

Pesky Corners!

Ever sew something right sides together and then when you turn it out.  Example: sewing a strap. You see those pesky corners don’t look nice.  You push and push trying to get the point and still nothing.

Tip: after sewing the seam get your scissors and cut the corner and the sides a little.  Don’t go past where the seam is at. Then turn it out and use a needle to pull the corner to a nice point.

pesky corners

D.I.Y: Leather Ottoman

I was at a thrift shop a few days ago and came across this beige ottoman.  I have this one rocking chair and I had no where to put my feet up.  It was only $3.95! So I bought it. It was … Continue reading