Tutus for every occasion

Tutu’s are amazingly easy to make and once you know how it’s kind of hard to stop yourself from making them for every occasion and for no reason at all.  I have pick my two favorite how to’s and posted … Continue reading

Craft Corner

My sister was moving into a smaller place and she gave me some great things.  Being that she is a crafter too most was for making things.  When I got home I realized I needed to reorganize to make room.

I was able to clean out a corner to call my craft corner.  It was an awesome day!  She gave me the peg board she made. She framed it and painted a saying on the board.  I have enough room for my sewing machine and serger and even enough to put my kids sewing machine there too!

I found a shelf and some old jars I painted years ago that were perfect for my buttons in our storage.  Some baskets from the Dollar Store.  I got a slacks hanger and some boxes from the clearance section at TJMaxx.

I found this Tutorial on how to make your own bolts for fabrics. I already had the boards but you can get them at the Dollar Store as well.  One board makes 8 bolts.

craft corner craft corner craft corner craft corner

Upcycled Picture Frames

I wanted to update some of my pictures/frames that I had around the house.  When I got the box of them, I found that water somehow got into the box and the pictures and backing were now ruined.  I had to throw the everything away except the the glass and the frame was still good.  Well, the picture was stuck to the glass so I had to clean it really good to get it all off.

upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames

upcycled picture frames

So some reason I forgot to take pictures of the painting process of the frames but it was simple.  I used Black spray paint that I got for .99¢ at Lowe’s.

Make sure to spray it in a well ventilated area and put newspaper or something down to protect the flooring and sides.  I put up a wood piece against the fence and paper down on the floor.  It made it easier to get the sides and corners.  Spray as directed on can.

upcycled picture frames

I had this already laying around the house but you can get them at the Dollar store.

upcycled picture frames

Note* This is a ½” on each side of the picture.

upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames

This character was done in Santa Cruz Boardwalk in 2010.  It took this long for me to frame it.

upcycled picture frames

I was at the thrift store and it was half off on red tags.  I went to the picture section and found a few pictures.  So I got some for a good deal.

I sprayed this just like the first picture frame.

upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames upcycled picture frames

As you can tell, this was an anniversary photo last year in Santa Cruz Boardwalk too.  These Photos make me laugh every time I look at them.  My other daughter’s character came in the frame already but I might change it out so it is a little bigger to go with the other two.

upcycled picture frames

Which way do you like? InteriorsPL has great gallery ideas.

upcycled picture frames

D.I.Y Strapless Romper Cover Up

It’s getting warmer where I live.  That means sun and swimming.  I like to wear a lot of easy “throw on” clothes in the summer.  I came across a Victoria Secrets magazine and started to look through it.  There was … Continue reading

kcwc Day 2: Upcycled Button down shirt into dress

I am following another sewing blog. She has some cute things to bad my kids won’t let me make them things like that anymore. But she is doing the kcw challenge which is short for kids clothes week. It started yesterday so I am joining in on the fun.  I will post tutorial later.

button up dress button up dress button up dress