Disney Snow White Princess Costume

Kids Week Clothes Challenge: Disney Snow White Princess Costume day 7.  Yay it is finally finished!  Because I used a pre-made pattern I followed the directions to a T.  Because I as making this for a certain little girl I … Continue reading

Cleopatra Costume Tutorial

My daughter picked to be Cleopatra for a school parade.  Of course all the costumes are about $26 and up depending the style.  The one she liked was $30 but that didn’t included the head piece she liked and the … Continue reading

Toilet Paper Candles Tutorial

What is needed to make Toilet Paper Candles: 7 paper towel rolls or 13 toilet rolls(if you use the toilet rolls like I did you need to put two together at differ sizes) Glue sticks and Glue gun Scissors 7 … Continue reading

D.I.Y. Baby Halloween Costumes

I loved when my daughters were to small to argue with me in what costumes I could put them in. There are some many out there it’s hard to decide what Halloween costumes to make. Here are 15 cute costumes. … Continue reading

Tutus for every occasion

Tutu’s are amazingly easy to make and once you know how it’s kind of hard to stop yourself from making them for every occasion and for no reason at all.  I have pick my two favorite how to’s and posted … Continue reading