Messy Ballerina Bun


I get so many people thinking I have really long thick hair every time I put my hair up in a messy ballerina bun.  It is so easy and you have everything you might need in the bathroom already.  This is fabulous for people with fine hair, medium length hair and longer.Messy Ballerina Bun by jen_cosmo1. What is needed:  2 rubber bands, 1 doughnut, 2-4 bobby pins, hairspray (optional), boar brush or teasing comb

2. Start off with a high pony tail.

3. Then add doughnut over the pony tail.  Don’t have a doughnut.  They are the easiest thing to make.  Take a knee high sock (I used my husband’s sock), cut the toes part off.  Then roll from the cut toe area up to the top of the sock. Done.  If you have dark hair then you may want a black or dark drown sock.

4. Use you brush or comb to backcomb the pony tail.  Backcomb from the outsides.  This helps to not show the teasing as much.  We are looking for a messy bun not a knotted bun.  Backcomb all the way to the ends.  I do 4 sections. One for each side.  Optional to lightly comb the top of the pony so it looks cleaner.

5. Use the 2nd rubber band and place it over the hair and around the doughnut.

6. Lightly push the hair loose to the desired volume of bun you want.

7. Lightly gather the ends and wrap around the base of the bun.  Bobby pin the hairs were needed. If your hair is long enough to braid the ends then you can do so instead.

8.  Hair spray the flyaways you might have.

Right things to add once done are hair bows, flowers or scarfs around the base.

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