Cleopatra Costume Tutorial

My daughter picked to be Cleopatra for a school parade.  Of course all the costumes are about $26 and up depending the style.  The one she liked was $30 but that didn’t included the head piece she liked and the snake bracelet.  Plus most costumes are very thin and see through.  We compromised and I made the dress part so she could get the head piece and bracelet.


Cleopatra Dress

  1. I used a dress my daughter had already for the pattern.
  2. I outlined the dress giving an inch extra all around. * make sure to do this at an angle(using the stretchiest part of the fabric making to easy for movement).
  3. Once cut out I sewed the right sides together.
  4. I sewed the edging on the collar and the sleeves.
  5. I was debating about leaving the hem natural to fray but I ended up just surging the ends.

This dress has no buttons or zippers.  Just slip it on over.  So If you decided to do the same thing make sure you make it loose enough to be able to slip on and off easy.

Cleopatra Cape

For the Cape I got 1 yard of a sheer blue (it has glitter on it which was just to add a little something more to it).

I base stitched the center of the cape to ¼” below the collar in the back.  I also, folded over the corners of the cape to some gold bracelets(bought from a Thrift Shop) and base stitched in place.

Cleopatra costume

I found this ribbon at the local fabric store.  I bought 1 yard.  I would have liked to buy 1½ yards so the belt would be a little longer and maybe make the bracelets but it was a little pricey for me to buy for an hours worth of wearing.

I put adhesive Velcro to the end of one side of the ribbon and the other where it fit her properly(put slightly angled so I will V easy).  I than took the remain ribbon and tucked it under the belt toward her face and then flipped it to face down towards her feet.

DSC_0065 DSC_0067 DSC_0076 DSC_0080 DSC_0081The head piece I ended up buying at Party City because my daughter loved that one and the snake bracelet too.

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