D.I.Y. Baby Halloween Costumes

I loved when my daughters were to small to argue with me in what costumes I could put them in. There are some many out there it’s hard to decide what Halloween costumes to make.

DIY Baby Halloween Costumes copy

Here are 15 cute costumes. Click on the links for the Tutorials of each costume.

Tip* Some babies find that they don’t like the costume due to not being used to it.  This makes them want to pull at it or even cry because of it. Don’t get sad or frustrated after all the work you did. I suggest that some costumes should be worn here and there for a few minutes before the actual night. *

Lamb by Martha Stewart


Cat and more animals by She Knows

Baby in cat costume

Candy Corn by Ann Sider


Mr. Stay Tuft by Coolest Homemade Costumes


Clark/Superman by Costume Works


Jack Jack/Incredibles by Simplyvonne

Chicken by Martha Stewart

Little Burrito by Celebrate Green

Charlie Brown/Peanuts by Tammy Talks

Maggie/Simpsons by Coolest Homemade Costumes

Nayeli ala Maggie Simpson Costume

Baby Viking by Coolest Homemade Costume

Vikings need rest too

Baby Owl by Family Crafts

Oompa Loompa by Coolest Homemade Costume

Homemade Classic Oompa Loompa Costumeoompa-lumpa-435

Popeye by Crafty



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