Infinity Braid No Sew

infinity braid Collage

infinity braid steps Collage





For the steps:

  1. Fold like a cure ribbon.
  2. Do the same thing for the other ribbon but have 1 string over and the other under the strings from the first ribbon.
  3. Take the bottom string from ribbon 2 and tuck it under the loop of ribbon 1.
  4. Take the top string and do and “over, under, over” move.
  5. It should look like this.  Now pull the strings to tighten the braid.  Fit the braid around your head snug to measure and cut the extra string off.  Decide if you want the braid to be slightly off center or not when doing this part.

You did it!

infinity glueing Collage


finished red


An option that I tried out: I angled one side to 2″ and the other 1″.  I used the 2″ side for the infinity braid.  This makes the braid a little bit thicker and the ties smaller.  You can see this in the headband below with the white string by itself.

infinity braid no sew


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