Origami Purse

origami purse tutorial

I saw a tutorial on how to make an Origami Raglan Sleeves at Straightgrain.  I loved the idea and got inspired to make a purse. I used an old t-shirt for the material.  I made it for my daughter but I got to say I want one too.

What I used: old t-shirt or material, 1″ ribbon and thread.  Along with sewing machine, scissors.

  1. I cut off the sleeves and the collar.
  2. I used a ruler and marked every 1″ with a pen from the bottom to 1″ from the top. I did this in the center front and back and each side.
  3. I pinned together the marks, making kind of a pleat all the way around the shirt.
  4. I then sewed the lines I created all around.
  5. I sewed the lines in the 2 centers going in one direction and the sides I sewed the lines going the other direction.  Note: If you want to see more movement in the lines.  Sew more in between the center and the sides.
  6. Once done I matched the side pieces together (now they become my center for the purse) and hem the bottom (right sides together).

origami purse tutorial

The purse was looking a little bland so I looked for some ribbon and found light blue 1″ ribbon.  Perfect, her two favorite colors.

  1. I folded the ribbon in half all around the edging of the handles.
  2. Still seemed like it needed something else. So I gathered the handle at the top so it scrunches and I gathered the hem inside the bottom of the purse right below the seam I did earlier.

origami purse tutorialorigami purse tutorial origami purse tutorial origami purse tutorial origami purse tutorial origami purse tutorial origami purse tutorial

I think I would have put the pleats a little closer together but I wanted to be able to see the colored thread.  All in all I am happy with the out come and so is my daughter and that is what matters.

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