How to organize your videos: Make a Movie Library Tutorial

I don’t know about your house but our house displays all the videos we have out in the open.   This can be an eye sore especially if  they don’t get put away.  My family has nicknamed me Monica from Friends (which I take as a complement) because of her cleaning habits.  I like the videos in Alphabet order so it is easy to find the video.  Well sometimes the writing is small or it’s dark or they have a long title.  So I made it easy for everyone in the family to put them back by creating a Movie Library.  It is very simple and easy to do.

make a movie library tutorial make a movie library tutorial

At first I wanted to put a design on the labels but then that defeated the purpose of making it easy.  I made the font out of the most common used font for poster and books. Why because they are the easiest to read and big.  No squinting or glasses needed to see them.  If I didn’t have kids I might have picked a different font.  Want to download the template? Click here for Video/Game Label Template.  Need the Fonts click here Trajan Font and Felix Titling.

What I used: my computer(Excel), printer, paper(preferable cardstock paper), and something to cut the paper in nice lines (paper cutter)

Somethings you might notice that I did.

  1. I have “approved” some movies for the kids to be able to watch without adult supervision.  This I made in a different color font so they are find them easy.  You can also change the color of the paper.  This makes it easy so they don’t have to ask “Can I watch this?” or come home to them watching something that might be to scary for them.  These are usually movies for Family night.
  2. I have put the kids movies in a different color paper.  This is great for little ones to learn matching colors, letters, and numbers.
  3. I have made the “Holiday” movies in another color.  These can be done in all one color or if you like you can do red=Valentine’s movies, green=Christmas movies, Orange=Halloween Movies, etc.
  4. Video Games are in a different color as well.

Tip: I did shorten some titles and put all series of movies/t.v. shows together.

ex. Tinkerbell movies I put Tinkerbell 1, Tinkerbell 2, etc. so they know the order of the movies.

ex. Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Returns became Batman 1, 2 and 3 and got put together in the B section instead of 2 in the D section. 

We have only had this complete for a few days but I found it helpful already.  Yay!

make a movie library tutorial

If you have some videos like the one above, without the plastic covering you can tape the labels to them so they would stay.  You can also laminate them or just make sure the tape covers the whole label.

Now for all those videos that might have lost their covers, VHS movies turned DVD, home videos, etc.

I found a couple of small boxes that fit the DVD’s.  I alphabetized them and made tabs so they are organized as well.  Again, I made a Kids movie box and a Movie box for the adults.

Make sure you measure the inside of your box with a scrap paper for dimensions.  My tabs I made are 5.5″ X 6.125″.  I made my tabs go about .5″ higher than the box for easy thumbing through.  I made the lettering in a Stencil font to match the number 3 on the outside of the box.  Depending on how many loose DVD’s you have will determine how many tabs to make.  My kids don’t have that many so I made a total of 4 Taps for their box.  We have more so I made about 9 Tabs for the adult box.

Tip: if you have kids with a DS game(or any other portable game device) odds are you are like me and have a bunch of cases that are empty.  I used them to fill the backing of the boxes so the DVD’s don’t fall over.  This is great because you use them instead of them taking up space.

make a movie library tutorial

Here is the complete Looks.  So even if your kids can’t spell they can match the letters and/or colors together.  No more excuses why the DVD’s aren’t put away.  I have also taken a picture showing these labels worked for a wide range of DVD’s/BLU Ray’s/Games(WII & PS3 games) I don’t have an Xbox or PS1 & 2 games to compare their boxes but they should be the same as a WII game or DVD.

make a movie library tutorialmake a movie library tutorialmake a movie library tutorial make a movie library tutorialmake a movie library tutorialmake a movie library tutorial make a movie library tutorial

One thought on “How to organize your videos: Make a Movie Library Tutorial

  1. Wow! I am so impressed. This is an excellent idea.

    I know what I’m going to be spending next weekend doing.

    Great post.

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