Mother’s Day Tea Party

mothers dayMy most favorite Mother’s day was 2 years ago.  A local museum had a mother’s day tea.  They dress in Victorian attire and with the invitations requested the guest to where a hat.  So inspired by that day I put together some ideas of how to create one at your home.


Invitations will set the attire and let guest know if you would like them to dress up or be casual.  Great tip is to have a few extra hats in case some guest don’t have hats and wish they did.  You can find simple inexpensive ones and add colorful ribbon to them or feathers.

Do it yourself invitations & mother’s day 101

Tea Settings

I love mix and match tea sets.  Great place to go is your local thrift store.  Little spoons, forks and knifes complete the look. You can keep things easy.  Tea’s are all about floral and mix and matching which makes things a little easier to get things because you don’t have to make sure the colors match.  Doilies are great too.

(The link on this photo has a great afternoon tea tips and what you need.)

mothers day

Top Teas’ to brew

Keep things simple 2 types of teas are just perfect.  Giving people to many options can get a little crazy.  Here are the top 5 teas that can be found at tea parties.  Don’t for get the sugar cubes and rose petals! They also add to the decorations.

Earl Grey, Black Tea, Chamomile, Mint, and/or Rose Congue(black tea with rose petals)


Scones are a must at any tea along with some jam or creams.  Not necessary to make them all one would do just fine.

Blueberry Scones Recipe   Cranberry Scone Recipe   Raisin Scone Recipe   Lemon Curd Recipe

Tea Sandwiches

Again you don’t need them all just pick a couple of your favorite ones.  I always like to have the traditional ones.  Add some character to them by cutting into assorted shapes.

Cucumber sandwichMerriment :: Upper Crust Social Club Tea Party by Heather Crosby and Kathy Beymer

Egg Salad sandwich 

Carrot Ginger

Chicken Curry

Pear and Stilton

Smoked Salmon-Wasabi


These are just some examples.  Any dessert will do.  It is best to keep small.  It adds to the whole tea party theme.

Shortbread Tarts with Cream Filling Recipe

Marmalade Recipe

  Madeleines Recipe

Diana’s Desserts Recipes has an amazing list of recipes to make.  I suggest only 2 different ones.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Lastly, there was a raffle.  This is definitely optional but it keeps the guest excited.

How the raffle was done.  Example 5 prices.  Each price had a bag next to it with a number that matched the number on the price.  You can sell or just had out the raffle tickets to guest(we bought ours $1 for 1 ticket or $3 for 5 tickets).  The person with the ticket put their ticket into any bag they wished to try and win that price.  This was wonderful because you don’t win something you don’t want.  Your chances can be great or lesser depending on how many people wanted that same price.

My mom and I both ended up winning a price.  It made it very memorable.  We will be doing it again.

mothers day mothers day mothers day

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