Upcycled Dress

upcycled dress upcycled dress

My daughter had a Father daughter dance on Friday.  The theme was Miss America.  We went to the fabric store to estimate how much it would cost to make her one from a pattern I had ($60-$80 was the pricing).  Not to bad, but to wear it for one night for a couple hours.  So off to shopping for a dress in a store.  That went $80-$200 for a dress.  Did I say it was only a week away.   There was this thing going on in the fairgrounds called Just between Friends.  I have never been to it before but I was told it is good.  What it is basically is a huge yard sale for kids items. So on Sunday (which was the last day of it), my husband and I go.  Not to much dresses but I found 2 of them and neither was my daughters size.  I showed her the two dresses and she said the purple was the one she wanted.  Cool, $10 for it but since it was the last day everything was 50% off.

Of course now it has to be tailored since it is 4 sizes to big.  I had to take it in about 4″, raise the straps a couple inches(which I did before taking the before picture) and I added the black satin sash that tied in the back (I had the fabric already).  She said she wanted it flared out more.  So I bought some tulle and some fabric that kinda matched her dress for  her dad’s tie.

I found a pendent in my jewelry box to get some bling that she loves so much.  Total spent on dress $10.

upcycled dress upcycled dress upcycled dress upcycled dress

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