Short to long skirt

short to long skirt

My daughter and I were shopping at our local fabric store when she came across this fabric and loved it.  She asked if I could make her a skirt out of it.  It was priced at $11 a yard but on sale for half price so I said okay.

We get home and I ask her “What type of skirt did you want?” She than draws me the skirt on a piece of paper.  She then asked for a shirt as well.  Since we only bought a yard for her I said maybe we can just embellish and older tank top.

So here we are.  As I start making my pattern she says “No, not like that. I want a wave at the bottom.” me “huh??” “See my drawling”  Even though I know I don’t need the “waves” at the bottom because the skirt would do it on it’s own. I cut the “wave” into the pattern.short to long skirt

Fabric: Yard to 1 1/2 yards (depending on how talk and how long you want the skirt to be) or an old long skirt that you have already

short to long skirt

Measure waist. waist to the shortest part of the skirt, measure waist to longest part of skirt. Add up to 1″ for seam allowance. For the width either double or do 1 1/2 times the waist. The waistband I cut 3″ wide.  This can very depending on how thick you want your waistband to be.
I used chalk to draw on my fabric the pattern
Cut the waistband on the bias for a good stretch.

Sew the seam 5/8″ from the waist to the knee length.

short to long skirt

Optional: Base stitch the waist.  This is so you can gather the fabric. Gather it enough so that it is as long as your waistband. If not just stretch the waistband to the match the skirt part and it will gather that way too.

D.I.Y. short to long skirt short to long skirt
Before you do this step try on the skirt to make sure you. I ended up cutting off a couple of inches of my daughters waistband since it stretches.  Sew waist to the gathered seam right sides together.  

short to long skirt

Then, fold it over and sew again as close to the edging as possible.

short to long skirt

Sew the hem line and your done.

Tank Top Embellishment:

I measured the tank top from on tank strap to the other then double it. For hers I cut 1 1/2″ X 26″.  Base stitch the material and gather like the skirt.  With the right side on top of the right side I fold over the edge  enough fabric to sew it down. I sewed the ruffle on the top tank strap and the edging.  Very simple.

short to long skirtshort to long skirt

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