Stamp Jean Skirt

stamp jean skirt

This is a Stamp Jean Skirt made from leftover jean pant legs.

Little story about why this came along.  My daughter wanted frayed jean shorts. She had stained these one pair with red paint during school (we all have had this happen before. She does to school looking cute, come back like a cave girl) So I cut the jeans into shorts but now I have these leftover leg pieces. What do I do with them? In the past I think I have tossed them or turned them into clean rags.  But I decided to make a skirt out of them. Sure enough it work!  I was pleasantly surprised that my daughter loved them too.

Note* These are made from flare jeans. I am not sure if skinny jeans would work unless it is for a smaller child that is going to have them.  Also, this will not work if you made the short into Barbuda shorts unless you make a patch skirt for more than one set of jeans which would be so cute!

stamp jean skirt stamp jean skirt stamp jean skirt

Step 3  Sew the back side right sides together.  The front, make sure start from where after the zipper would be and sew down to ends.  I kept the  hem from the jeans so I don’t have to sew the bottom. I don’t know where the picture went of this but it is pretty simple.

stamp jean skirt

Using a zipper foot works best but the one I had doesn’t fit this sewing machine. I had to seam rip this out because I forgot to add the zipper to it the first time. Uaaggghh!

stamp jean skirt stamp jean skirt

I forgot to sew the ends. So I had to hand sew them.

stamp jean skirt stamp jean skirt stamp jean skirt

Get basic fabric paint(in any color you like) and use a stamp, cut a potato and design in it, or paint brush.  Randomly place your design on fabric.stamp jean skirt

stamp jean skirt

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