Tinkerbell Pixie Hollow Mural

Pixie Hollow Tree

I decided to paint the Pixie Hollow tree from Tinkerbell in my daughter’s bedroom. I got a photo from the Disney fairies website gallery and printed it out(you might see the print out in one of the photos.

What I used:

  • Variety sizes of paint brushes.
  • Sponge
  • Acrylic paints (tip: get a larger or multiple of the color for the tree since it is the primary color used)
  • Acrylic primer
  • Pencil(for outline on wall)
  • Pallet for paints
  • Cup of water
  • Floor covering(in case of mess)
  • Optional: glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint

I also bought foam boards, I was going to paint them and then Velcro or sticky them randomly to the tree for a 3D effect.  I never did it but still a great I idea.

I started by a penciling the outline by hand on the wall first. Then, I painted a white primer in the areas inside my outline.

I then painted the tree with the base color, and the grass mound.  Next, I got my darker paint to outline the tree. If you have trouble with the colors blending you can put the base and the darker color on the same brush and paint it that way or water the paint down for an easier time of applying.

I forgot how I painted the grass. It is best to start at the end of the grass blade and go up for a soften look of grass. I used about 3 different colors each time a painted to help with dimension. So 3 different grass colors, 3 different tree colors, etc.


I used a sponge to do the leaves and bushes. This is great when using more than one color of paint at a time because it helps to blend together easy.  Do a stipple motion.


I used white and a yellow and did the stipple motion in the center and randomly in the leaves.  This is the “fairies and fairy dust”

I waited for the paint to dried. Then, I got glow-in-the-dark paint. I painted it over the center of the tree and randomly in the leaves so at night it would glow and act as if there were fairies in the tree.  For this I had to put the paint near the light so it would glow for me.  I had to go back and forth turning the lights on and off to make sure I was liking the look and to see where it need some.


My daughter decided she wanted some bugs on the trunk and so she painted them on at the end.


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