D.I.Y: Leather Ottoman

leather ottomanI was at a thrift shop a few days ago and came across this beige ottoman.  I have this one rocking chair and I had no where to put my feet up.  It was only $3.95! So I bought it. It was perfect! Well except that it was beige and I have 2 kids and 5 dogs, so keeping something that light clean… um-mm yeah I don’t think so. So I went to my local fabric store and found a pre-cut piece of upholstery leather in the clearance section for $16 for a 2 yd piece.

So now the real work begins.

What I used:

  • about 1/2-3/4 yd upholstery fabric
  • thread
  • batting
  • a flat head screwdriver(to remove old staples)
  • pliers
  • staple gun
  • staples
  • needles
  • optional: brass nail heads for bottom trim

I measured the top of the ottoman than both sides of the ottoman.  I added 1″ extra to allow for seam.   I cut the 1 top piece, 2 side pieces and 2 longer side pieces of leather.  Sew it together, made sure it fit. Sometimes when I reupholster something I leave the old material on, but since this had piping it would have looked weird.  Now I have to remove the staples to take the old piece of fabric off.  Surprise!, just a thin foam piece on top(Usually their is batting that covers the foam for a nicer, more comfortable feel) but not this one.  Luckily I had some batting already that I was able to use.   Staple the bottom(make sure you pull tight) Put back on the feet and you are done!  This is when you would put the brass nail heads on if you wanted them.  Total price to make old to fab $12 and a couple hours of work.

finished ottoman

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